Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What A Mess We Once Again Behold - War?

Recall as best you can that feeling following the great fall September 11, 2001. Looking back now, knowing only what little that was known then, is there anyone who would deny such unprovoked destruction was not a cause for war?

As we now know this is not the kind of conflict we have suited men prepared to fight. It was soon realized that here, unlike anything in our past, was a different kind of confrontation.

We learned by doing even in times where there was no undoing. We erred. We tried to fight war where none exists. Where something far worse (if one can imagine) surfaced. We found ourselves against an entire multi-nation area of the globe that takes delight in aggressive destruction of those not in agreement with their devout extraordinary and extreme religious beliefs and practices. Theirs is a doctrine where murder of those they classify infidels will give them eternal paradise should they voluntarily give up their life in the process.

Whether fighting or not fighting, ignoring or lavishing full time attention on this dreadful disaster, is all inconsequential as they will not be deterred.

Worse of all, a very bad situation of learning taken from experience now puts our nation against itself. The most destructive of all possible outcomes we have from a lesson learned long ago, if not too well; a nation against itself cannot stand.

Then what to do? Most respond "Pull out." Just that, no further comment. No consideration of what such action would cause those September eleven aggressors to take. No notion of how we as a free republic might stand guard against an unknown enemy that is not only outside but within our nation and the paranoia that such proximity provokes.

There can be no simple or quick solution, yet it is even worse to do nothing and let things stand as they have been for far too long. What your writer feels is required is a very carefully orchestrated sequence of events with critical cautious scheduling. We need pull out, completely withdraw while at the same time, with our defenses completely up, and be ever watchful and aware. We then completely stop purchasing, financing or using any resources from these nations, especially the oil which is needlessly so critical in our nation.

For years our great aircraft carriers with thousands of well trained defense persons and many fighter planes on board run flawlessly with a single nuclear charge every decade or so. With the technology our nation has and invites, we can in short time, with concentrated effort, power our entire nation, houses, cities and transportation with the same source while simultaneously maintain enough power to protect our nation.

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